FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster FAQ

Q: What was the reason you decided to develop the FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series?

A: FINAL FANTASY to FINAL FANTASY VI have previously been released on numerous different platforms, but the content of each release and the period in which they came out varied greatly between titles, so there were not many opportunities for fans to play them all together in a consistent manner. We wanted to provide an environment where it was easy for both long-time fans and FINAL FANTASY newcomers to play the original 6 titles by remastering all the games again in a consistent way.

Q: Specifically speaking, how have the graphics been remastered?

A: As the name suggests, the vast majority of the game graphics have been re-drawn in an updated 2D pixel art style. The playable characters, in particular, were re-drawn by Shibuya Kazuko, the same staff who has drawn our character sprites from the beginning of the series.

We really prioritised keeping the same feel that the original pixel sprites had but re-worked the graphics so they display clearly on modern high-resolution screens.

Q: Specifically speaking, how has the sound been remastered?

A: The BGM tracks were given new arrangements, under the full oversight of the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu. The themes we set for these arrangements were “following tradition” and “proper evolution”, so that we did not change or damage the image fans had of the original versions. We arranged the tracks in a way that “reproduced” or “re-expressed” areas of the originals, that we were unable to achieve due to the limitations on the hardware at the time.

The sound effects were re-created by the Square Enix sound team, taking care to keep the same feel as the original versions had.

Q: Are these ports of the originals?

A: These are remasters based on the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo versions. No changes have been made to the stories. The game balance has seen overall tweaks and adjustments, while still respecting the balance in the original games. The UI has been overhauled and improved to make these versions easier to play, with completely different interfaces for the Steam and mobile editions.

Some of the things that were altered or added in previous remakes are not included in these versions, but there are also new elements and features unique to them, such as the gallery or sound player.

Q: Could you please let us know some details about the bestiary feature?

A: The bestiary we have included in these versions is quite in-depth.

It is populated with the monsters you encounter in the game as they are encountered, but there is also a mode where they are added over the world map in the manner of a habitat chart, so you can have fun filling the map in as you play.

On the mobile editions you can also choose to fight battles against the monsters you have collected in the bestiary, using the view from the phone camera as a backdrop.

Q: Could you please tell us some details about the sound player function?

A: You can freely listen to the majority of the music tracks in the game. The sound player also allows repeat playback. You do not need to progress through the game to unlock the different tracks, and can listen to all of them from the start.

Q: What kinds of art is featured in the illustration gallery mode?

A: Almost all the concept illustrations, character and monster art that series logo and concept artist Yoshitaka Amano has previously drawn are included.

For FINAL FANTASY IV through FINAL FANTASY VI, the super-deformed style pixel art for the characters that are used in-game is included too.

Just like with the music player, you do not need to unlock these by playing through the game and can view all the art right from the beginning.

Q: What are the pre-purchase incentives for these titles?

A: Fans that purchase FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY II, or FINAL FANTASY III before August 11, 2021, will receive 2 wallpapers and 3 special re-arranged music tracks per title. The music tracks included are:


  • Main Theme (Timelapse Remix)
  • Matoya's Cave (Timelapse Remix)
  • Battle (Timelapse Remix)


  • Battle Theme 1 (Timelapse Remix)
  • The Rebel Army (Timelapse Remix)
  • Main Theme (Timelapse Remix)


  • Battle 1 (Timelapse Remix)
  • Eternal Wind (Timelapse Remix)
  • The Boundless Ocean (Timelapse Remix)

Q: What is the reason for releasing on Steam and mobile platforms?

A: Up until the pixel remasters, it was possible to buy FFI – FFVI on both Steam and mobile. Some of these versions were over 10 years old, and we were reaching the limits on maintaining these games in a playable state. Therefore, the team wanted to start by creating remasters on the same platforms (Steam and mobile,) so players can continue playing these games. If there is a desire for it, we may also look into making the games playable on other platforms too.

Q: Why is the bundle option of all 6 games (available on Steam) not available on mobile?

A: Currently, some mobile platforms do not offer a bundle option, so the bundle is only available on Steam. We may investigate the possibility of doing this in the future, where possible.

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